At Europcar Trinidad & Tobago our executive tours are specially designed to truly discover the beauty of our twin island republic. Enjoy guided tours to our major tourist sights and destinations, including day trips to our sister isle Tobago.  Tours can be tailored to suit individuals or large groups, lasting part or the entire day.

Our featured Trinidad Tours include the following:-


Specifically designed to explore the beauty of Trinidad in one day; experience the agriculture, industry, nature and the lifestyle of the “"Trini” people" as we are so affectionately called.  We begin our journey southward along the West Coast to San Fernando, our second largest city and South's commercial centre.  However, on our way south you must visit our largest industrial estate and the heart of Trinidad and Tobago's petrochemical sector. This Estate is a world-class facility, covering 860 hectares and represents an investment of over USD $2 billion. We then head eastward, passing through the vast sugar cane plantations and small villages until we reach Mayaro, a small coastal village.  Along the east coast we enjoy the picturesque view of a 14 mile stretch of lush coconut plantation lined by the waters of the Manzanilla Beach. Here we take a relaxing stop to experience the enchanted ambience of this site.  On our return we will pass through Sangre Grande and Arima as we travel along the East-West Corridor  to Port of Spain.

Approx. 7 hrs


This tour takes you through Port of Spain, Trinidad’'s historically diverse and cosmopolitan capital. 
Our drive covers all the main tourist attractions including sites like Art Galleries, Museums, Parks, Emperor Valley Zoo, Botanical Gardens, the President'’s House and the world’s largest roundabout, the Queens Park Savannah.  The latter is a popular recreational spot, famous for a refreshing drink of coconut water is also the home of the magnificent seven (seven buildings of architectural wonder). Our next stop takes us to St. James otherwise known as “the "city that never sleeps”", home of our famous cricket Oval, local bars and a variety of local restaurants. The tour concludes with a panoramic view of the city and it's environs.

Approx. 3 hrs


Offering a drive through the northern mountain range with a backdrop of the lush green rainforest, your chauffeur will carry you to Maracas Beach, the most popular beach on the island. You can relax, unwind and take a bath in the soothing waters or just enjoy the Caribbean breeze on the white sand.  Enjoy our world famous ‘"Maracas Bake ‘n Shark’", a signature sandwich prepared from shark fillet and garnished with a variety of salad options and local sauces.    

Approx. 5 hrs


We’ drive along the North Coast passing through Maracas Bay, Tyrico Bay, the villages of Las Cuevas and La Fillette making short stops along the way at any point of your interest.  At the last village Blanchisseusse we would discover the very large clear Marianne River that flows into the Caribbean Sea and creates at its mouth a refreshing swimming lagoon. Enjoy your swim in either the seawater or the fresh water of this un-spoilt river, rejuvenating your mind, body and soul. … Experience this fascinating view of flora and fauna only as can be found in the Caribbean.

Approx. 7 hrs

SOUTH TOUR – Pitch Lake/Temple in the Sea/CHAGUANAS

From the Hotel we drive in a Southern direction along the west coast of Trinidad past San Fernando, the second largest city in Trinidad.  Our journey takes us through various small villages and towns until we reach the Pitch Lake, the world's largest natural deposit of asphalt.  Enjoy a guided tour of this truly mystifying phenomenon.

Our tour continues with a visit to the remarkable Siewdass “Sadhu” Hindu temple which was built under great sacrifices out in the sea and has a history dating as far back as 1947.  Our next stop is an old family owned pottery shop where you can observe simple but effective pottery production.  Chaguanas, one of the country's shopping hubs has an exceptionally lively market street with lots of small shops, boutiques, vendors and of course a vibrant market place. 

Please note that you have another option available

Instead of going to Chaguanas you can visit the Wildfowl Trust in Point-a-Pierre.  The Wild Fowl Trust has the distinction of being the only wetland sanctuary in the world that is located in the middle of an oil refinery. There are more than 132 species of birds resident,  along with the diverse wetland,  flora and fauna at the eco sanctuary.

Approx. 7 hrs


Discover our island's most untouched coast!  An early start is required as our destination point will be Grand Riviere, a small village close to Toco at the North East Coast of the island (104 km from Port of Spain).  On our scenic drive, we drive through the towns of Arima, Valencia and Mathura until we reach Salybia where the coastlines begins. The setting is breathtaking with vast stretches of picturesque, surreal beaches and lush caribbean greenery.  Considered a rural part of Trinidad, you encounter the deep countryside with a tranquill and peacefull ambience.

After Toco there is Sans Souci, a beach which surfers frequent, followed by Grande Riviere, our final destination.   There is a small rustic hotel situated directly on the beach, witch provides great local cuisine.  The hotel is an Eco-tourist, culture-oriented, traveler’s haven. Absorb the very special ambience of this place and take a swim in the Grande Riviere River which flows into the Caribbean sea; ulternatively you can explore the surroundings rain forest.

Approx. 8 hrs


Continue your adventure with a boat tour to “"down d islands”."  Visit Trinidad’s surrounding small islands at the North West coast including a visit to the Gasparee Caves and beach stop.  We take you on a drive to Chaguaramas passing the various yacht clubs and residential areas on the west coast line.

Our typical local boat (covered) will carry us on a cruise between the various small islands until we reach Gasparee Island.  This is a natural limestone cave system with a mysterious pool at its base. Other caves on the island include the White Cave, the Bridge Cavern and the Precipice Cavern

After your guided tour through the easily accessible cave, we continue our boat cruise to Scotland Bay, a remote bay inaccessible by car.  Here you can take a swim in the soothing waters or just take a tan on the boat.

Approx. 3.5 hrs


a.    Asa Wright by day…

Asa Wright Nature Centre is located at 1,200 feet in the mountains of the Northern Range, seven miles north of the town of Arima, the Asa Wright Nature Centre (AWNC) is a world-class natural history destination for students of tropical ecology and is of particular interest to birdwatchers and nature lovers alike...

A Natural Tropical Splendour!!!  It’s a must for nature lovers and will provide you with a totally unforgettable experience.  The drive takes you through lush rain forest with evergreen tropical vegetation-soothing to the eyes, mind and soul.  The centre is located on a beautifully restored colonial style plantation house situated 360 meters up in the Northern Range. You can witness an amazing variety of birds at a very close range, including various species of Hummingbirds, Tanagers, Honeycreepers, and crested Oropendolas.  For the adventurous, we would proceed on a 2 hour guided walk through the forest to explore one of the trails (easy walk). 

The centre also offers and excellent buffet-lunch with fresh fruits in season (seperate cost).  After lunch you are free to explore the “Discovery Trail” on your own, discover the waterfall and bathe in its natural pool…. We return you to your location via Arima to Port of Spain.

Approx. 7hrs

  1. Asa Wright and North Coast Continued

We have combined the above tour package with a North Coast drive as follows:  Departure after lunch on a journey through the rainforest until we reach Blanchisseusse at the North Coast. We return to Port of Spain on this most beautiful scenic road passing several rural villages and beaches.  You can take along your swim suit if you would like to take a ‘dip,’ and we will stop at any points of interest to you.


(Overnight – 24 hrs.) Seasonal: March – August

Eco and Nature Lovers describes this tour as a “Truly unforgettable experience!!”.   The tour takes you turtle watching to Grande Riviere, Mt. Plaisir Estate.  We depart at 12 p.m. from your hotel and drive towards the North East Coast past remote coastal stretches and small villages.  This small rustic hotel situated right on the beach has an unusual charming ambience, an artistic touch and conscious approach towards wildlife and nature.  Relax and enjoy your excellent local dinner and then take a barefoot stroll across the beach if you want.  Here you witness the impressive ritual of the gigantic leatherback turtles coming to lay their eggs in holes dug by the females in the coarse sea sand.  In the morning experience the amazing sunrise on the beach and breakfast, then you can explore the surroundings, take a hike through the rainforest or relax on the beach.  Around noon we return to your hotel.

*Matura (approx. 5 hrs. Night)

*Grande Riviere (overnight)


Located in the Caroni Swamp, this is a must do for bird watchers. The Caroni Swamp is the home for several indigenous species of birds, including one of the country’s national birds - the Scarlet Ibis (Eudocimus ruber). Tours generally take place during dusk as the Scarlet Ibis returns to the swamp to roost. This very popular tour takes us on a relaxed 2 hrs boat ride into the heart of a 200 acre protected mangrove eco-system maze.  The tour leaves your hotel at 3 p.m.  After a short drive along the highway, we board a large flat-bottomed boat, which will carry us into the many channels of the swamp until we arrive  at the open lagoon.  We will encounter Egrets, Herons, Terns and many other swamp inhabitants, among them the Silky Anteater and maybe a Caiman or a Boa or two. 

The main attraction however is Trinidad’s National Bird the brightly coloured Scarlet Ibis.  We will be able to view many Scarlet Ibis flying overhead and feeding between the mangroves until we finally tie our boat close to their roost and see them flying in flocks.  The swamp is also renowned for its most beautiful romantic sunsets… We then return to our vehicles and back to Port of Spain.

Approx. 3.5 hrs

Because of the late start (3 p.m.) this tour can be combined with some of the other tours earlier in the day.

Please note the following:-

Ø  Prices are per person, minimum of 3 persons.

Ø  Special conditions & rates apply to groups and individuals.  Please contact our office for individual and group rates.

Ø  At least 24hrs confirmation is needed before booking date.  Other bookings will be confirmed based on availability.


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